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Decisions, Decisions…

Posted in fantasy league, orioles by audienceoftwo on March 27, 2009

Bad news for the Taxibirds today, as it looks like Wieters is in fact starting the year at AAA (leaving the day-to-day catching duties in the serviceable-but-unspectacular hands of Kurt Suzuki), and Guthrie got lit up again, surrendering six runs in the bottom of the first to the Fish.

Leaving the Wieters situation behind for the moment–I have resigned myself to the notion that he will be called up in mid-May and still manage to win the Triple Crown–I am left with an interesting pitching conundrum.  Both Gil Meche and Joe Saunders are available as free agents, and I could sign either of them by dropping one of my current pitchers.  Despite some fleeting injury concerns for both men this spring, either of them figures to have a better season than J-Guth (Meche by virtue of superior stuff, Saunders more by virtue of the team he pitches for).  Which begs the question–why am I holding on to Guthrie?  I think it’s some bizarre revenge fantasy against Saunders, against whom I played varsity ball in high school.*  As for Meche, I am for some reason dubious of his ability to generate solid stats in Kansas City, despite the fact that I have placed the closer’s duties firmly and without question in the hands of Joakim Soria.  You know what?  I’ve just convinced myself–I must go now, I’m off to the Yahoo! Sports portal to drop Guthrie in favor of…OH GOD NOW I HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE!

*True story!  Although “played” is perhaps a strong word–I watched from the bench while he struck the bejeezus out of my teammates.


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